Refuge Ministries Canada Introduction

Hello, my name is Alan Campbell and I would like to introduce you to ” Refuge Ministries Canada” a youth prison ministry based in London, Ontario with our mission statement of “Equipping churches for youth prison ministry in their community.”

While serving 4 years in Millhaven Penitentiary on July 4,1983 at the age of 19, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and have stayed clean since that time with a full pardon from Correctional Services of Canada having the awesome privilege of sharing my testimony in churches and youth custody facilities across Canada.

Alan and Sharon Campbell with ”Refuge Ministries Canada” ministry display table at the “Apostolic Church of Pentecost “ national conference in Toronto,Ontario.

Alan and Sharon Campbell are the Directors/Founders of "Refuge Ministries Canada"

As I was doing this in 2002 on a Tuesday night chapel service at the Edmonton Youth Centre, a 12 year-old young man whose role models were Charles Manson and Jeffrey Dalmer, accepted the LORD which was fantastic. Sadly, I had to leave the youth jail to fly home to London right after. I was broken before the LORD because nothing was in place to see him completely set free, mentored and discipled. This is how “Refuge Ministries Canada” was birthed.


Only 14% of convicted youth in Ontario convicted are in custody and our mandate is to see a local church in all 30 youth custody facilities are located doing youth prison ministry because true transformation of a life happens when the LORD changes a heart. (Romans 12:2).


We accomplish our vision by doing the following:

  • Sprucedale Youth Centre 2 Sunday nights monthly and youth chapel services across Canada.
  • 1-hour youth prison ministry training seminars for churches.
  • Place of first contact and 1-1 mentoring at Urban Haven 430 Grey Street London.
  • Release kits for youth released from custody


Refuge Ministries Canada would appreciate your support and ask that you consider attending the 2fish Christmas Concert on Friday November 29th from 7:00 – 9:00 at the Faith Alive Family Church in Glanworth. Tickets are just $20 and with that you will also receive a 2fish CD!


Who is 2fish? Funk ‘n soul duo Kevin Rogers and Kevin Saunders formed 2fish in the fall of ’96; they’re both preacher’s-kids-turned-pastors/musicians who write original material and self-manage their band. 2fish often sing about addiction, homelessness, security, loneliness, and faith—namely the need for a strong relationship with God. They take a stand for their beliefs in front of secular and Christian audiences alike.

2 fish tickets are available by calling Refuge Ministries Canada at 519.701.0108

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